by Sara Gran

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Oh Claire, I love you, my heart breaks for you, I want you to be my friend but honestly I don't think it would work out.

Claire deWitt should be dead, it's true, my god the things she does to her body... Ms. Gran, you write such wonderful, messy, broken, hopeful, sad, lonely, damaged, beautiful characters. i have no idea what to say about this novel... once again the world's greatest detective is on the case, this time it's personal (which is a very bad thing). Claire gets caught up in a murder investigation, the murder of the man who may have been THE ONE, but he was married to another woman and now he's dead and so perhaps is Claire at least she feels that way. Everything becomes "X days after Paul died", she's going through the motions in the time "After Paul" and everything gets hazy. She is also caught up in remembering the Case of the End of the World from a time when Tracy was still around. Uh, anyway you should stop reading this drivel and instead go and read everything by Sara Gran

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on my nightstand. can't wait!!

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