by 1937- Avi

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It's 1893 and Maks, 13, lives with his immigrant family on the Lower East Side in New York City. Life is hard, but Maks is lucky not to be among the many orphaned and abandoned kids living on the streets. Maks helps his family by earning eight cents a day as a newsie selling newspapers. Newsboys have it especially rough with Bruno and his gang, the Plug Uglies, beating up newsies and stealing their newspaper money. Once a newsie is robbed, he can't buy his newspapers the next day so he's out of a job. Maks is worried that he won't be able to keep outrunning the gang. And with Maks' father and sister being laid off from the shoe factory, the family needs his earnings more than ever. When Maks' sister is arrested and jailed, their parents don't know what to do so it's up to Maks to prove his sister is innocent. Can he outsmart the Pug Uglies and free his sister too?

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