by Robert A. (Robert Anson) Heinlein

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Highly, highly recommend.

"Citizen of the Galaxy" is a coming of age Science Fiction adventure across the galaxy.

Thorby is first introduced to us standing on the slavery selling block on the planet Jubbal. We follow Thorby from being a young, defiant mistreated slave boy to his adulthood and discovery of his long forgotten background. Thorby is bought by Baslim, the beggar who is not as he appears.

He treats Thorby as his son and teaches his mathemathics, history and multiple languages as well as his "trade" as a beggar. Baslim gathers intelligence and tracks ship movements covertly. Thorby encounters and becomes a part of multiple cultures and worlds within his travels to find where he comes from.

 It's an exploration of slavery and its effects in the distant future. 

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