by Eli Brown

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"Cinnamon and Gunpowder" follows the story of Owen "Wedge" Wedgewood following his kidnapping onto a pirate ship where he is expected to cook extravagant meals to preserve his life.  Despite Wedge's addition to the ship, they continue their plans to foil the Pendleton Trading Company.  As this book began, I kept a dictionary close at hand for many slang terms, which luckily tapered as the book went on.  I had difficulty relating to Wedge and found him to be whiny for lack of a better term though his culinary descriptions painted a delicious picture.  While this book does have food, swash-buckling and underlying romance, it manages to detract from these with Wedge's complaints and nausea.  This book was slow, and I did not get into it until I was at least three-quarters in.  If it hadn't been for my book club, I can safely say I would not have finished, and I would not recommend it.  

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