by Marissa Meyer

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Cinder is cyborg who is a skilled mechanic in New Beijing. She lives with her cruel stepmother and step sisters. This book loosely follows a Cinderella story. Of course there is a prince who by chance happens to become quite friendly with Cinder not knowing she is a cyborg. New Beijing and the rest of earth is dealing with a plague. The deadly Letumosis disease is killing thousands of people daily. When Cinder’s sister, Peony is sickened by the illness, Cinder’s stepmother sells her to a research team to help develop a cure. While she is being tested, Cinder learns more about herself and her abilities, she isn’t just a cyborg. She also develops a relationship with Prince Kai. Unfortunately Cinder has more enemies than her stepmother, and they want to see her dead. When Cinder learns exactly who she is, she alone may have the power to save New Beijing and bring peace to two worlds.

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