by Louis L'Amour

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The new stagecoach stationmaster on the Cherokee trail knows how to care for livestock, command respect, and work a weapon.  Her name is Mary Breydon, and she came all the way from the east coast to take the position as stationmaster, in her dead husband's place.  Folks aren't expecting a woman there, and don't take too kindly to it; most don't think she'll be tough enough for the job.  When she ousts the former station manager with a bullwhip, though, she earns the respect and admiration of the townspeople.  She needs it, too: it's none too easy running the station, caring for her daughter and a wayward boy she's taken in, and defending against horse theft.  However, the biggest danger she must face is Jason Flandrau, the no-good war criminal who murdered Mary's husband.  He's back and angling to become the governor of the Colorado territory, and Mary must see that justice is served.

This fast-paced story of resilience and revenge will grab you from the first page.  Mary's unconventional life is one you'll want to read more about, and the supporting characters are interesting and likeable.  Not sure westerns are your thing?  Well, neither was I, until this book.  Give it a try!

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