by Atul Gawande

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This is the third Atul Gawande book I have read and I just LOVE him!  I think he is a great writer who can write about medicine and the medical field in a way anyone can understand and he makes it interesting and enjoyable.  In his most recent book he does research into how different industries use checklists to help keep things on track, organized, safe, and expedient, and then puts forward his own experiment of how a simple pre-op checklist run through right before surgery can help prevent mistakes and save lives.  I found the sections covering checklists used in the airline industry and the skyscraper construction industry to be the most interesting, as well as his experiences as a surgeon.  I just cannot figure out how this author finds the time to be a surgeon, teach, help raise a family, do all this research, and write these wonderful books.  Extraordinary!

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This book is fantastic and fascinating. It's great writing, as ShellyB says, on how a checklist can be used to manage complex processes and situations...and in most of the examples in this book, save lives. Gawande writes about the research and testing that has gone into the preparation and use of many checklists, in addition to his own quest along with a team of other professionals to develop a checklist for the WHO (World Health Organization).

I love how extensive checklists can keep complicated industries organized, just as simple checklists help keep my daily life in check, so to speak.

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