by Tori Spelling

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Watch your back, Martha Stewart .  Tori’s fourth book is all about how to plan a party and covers everything from concept (cowboys and lace party, do-it-yourself spa brunch) to party favors – I liked the mini-cacti wearing tiny cowboy hats.   A regular mortal could try all of her suggestions and not break the bank.  Prettily photographed and darned fun to read.

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This book is awesome and could go down in histori as an essential entertainment book. Some may be accusatori and say Tori is simply cashing in a a failed acting career, but I disagree. It's a depositori of great information with a huge inventori of tips. It's a great coffee table book or lavatori read. The author has a gift for oratori, and includes many hints for participatori events that are quite relavatori.

I agree and am glad it's part of the library's inventori.

It's so laudatori that it ought to be mandatori for all signatori and gustatori event planners!

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