by Tarquin Hall

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I came across this book quite by accident but was glad that I gave it a chance. I am sometimes wary of reading books written by expatriates but Tarquin Hall has a good grasp of the intricacies of Indian society and adequately conveys the various class distinctions as well as  the differences between people from the various regions of India. Private investigator Vish Puri has idiosyncrasies similar to those of Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes but he functions in an environment far more chaotic than either of those could imagine. When a servant in the employ of a famed lawyer goes missing, Puri is commissioned to solve the mystery. All is not as it seems however and Puri unravels secrets that could tear a family apart. He does not work alone however and has a team of operatives with nicknames such as Flush, Tubelight and Facecream.  If you like a good mystery with light touches of humor then this book is definitely one that you should try.

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