by Saci Lloyd

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Do you think climate change is a problem? Ever thought about the day-to-day, real life consequences of things like shifting weather patterns, fuel shortages, and nations struggling with what to do to lower their energy use? For a glimpse at a possible near future, take a peek at Laura's diary. Laura lives in England in the year 2015. The country has just introduced carbon rationing—everyone gets an allotment of carbon points to do things like travel, use electrical appliances, and eat non-local food. When the points are gone, you're cut off—from electricity, travel, and other luxuries. Laura's family deals with rationing in different ways—and starts to fall apart because of it. When a giant storm threatens to flood London (after months of drought!), they must pull together and figure out what's really important. And if Laura's band can tour on saved up carbon points! Things may never get back to normal for Laura, but they will always be interesting.

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