by Geoffrey Girard

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If you like government conspiracies, serial killer stories, science, and thrills, this is a book you might want to take a look at. The government has defense contractors cloning some of the most infamous serial killers in history--Son of Sam, Dahmer, Bundy and more. They say they're working on a cure for violent tendencies. But they also have goals of weaponizing the "violence gene," and of course one of the scientists in charge of the project has an agenda of his own. Some of the clones are placed in abusive family situations, in an attempt to replicate the formative conditions of their clone "fathers." Others are raised in stable, loving homes. When some of the boys get loose--and then go looking for their "brothers", Shawn Castillo, former army Special Forces, is sent to track them down quickly and quietly. As he uncovers more and more of the truth behind the experiments, he loses hope that this mission will end well for him, but he gets some unexpected help from a Jeff, a Dahmer clone, and the doctor who treated him for PTSD after he was tortured in Afghanistan. A cross country chase ensues, the escaped boys leaving a trail of mayhem and destruction, Castillo and Jeff one step behind, trying to figure out their next move while dealing with their own traumas (Jeff only recently found out who he was made from). Not for the faint of stomach (some graphic descriptions of violent acts/thoughts), but quite the thrill ride! There is a young adult companion novel, Project Cain, which is told from Jeff's perspective.

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