by Erin Jade Lange

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Butter is so obese that he doesn't even get teased at school any more--he is invisible. He has an online relationship with Anna, who has no idea who he really is, a few friends from FitFab, where he goes every summer, and his saxophone, which he turns to for comfort and to feel good at something. His dad doesn't acknowledge his existence, his mom just wants to comfort him--even if it's with food. After a particularly bad day, Butter decides he's had enough and creates a web site declaring that he will eat himself to death on New Year's Eve, about a month away. Suddenly, he is popular--everyone at school wants to know about his plan, he has people to sit with at lunch, he's invited to parties. Butter knows that his popularity has a deadline--and that it isn't real. He's backed himself into a corner. Will Butter decide he's worth saving? I loved Butter's voice, and the issues of bullying & suicide in this book will give those who read it a lot to think and talk about. Check out the author's web site:

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