by Deborah Howe

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Bunnicula tells the story of the drama that unfolds when a boy finds a small bunny on his seat in the movie theater showing Dracula. His family brings it home as a new pet. But the family cat Chester is less than thrilled, and the dog Harold feels a bit overshadowed. Chester immediately begins noticing signs the bunny might be a vampire. He tries to convince Harold and expose the possibly vicious rabbit to the family before it's too late. But is the bunny everyone else thinks is so sweet really a vampire, or is something else going on in Chester's little brain?

Bunnicula is my kind of horror story - narrated by a dog, filled with humor, and no reason to be really scared unless you're a carrot trapped in a fridge with nowhere to run. Some of the humor will go right over kids' heads, but it's not the kind of "adult humor" that's inappropriate, just beyond them. Anyone who knows both cats and dogs will especially appreciate Harold's chronicling of Chester's mysterious cat ways.

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