by Marcus Sakey


Gifteds. Brilliants. Abnorms. Twists. Whatever you call them, they've changed the world. True genius used to come once in a generation. Now, 1 in 100 children are born extraordinarily gifted in various ways--reading body language, tactics, medicine, numbers. Though a small minority of the population, the "normals" feel threatened by all the brilliants have accomplished in such a short time--advances in science, technology, bringing down the whole concept of the stock exchange. People have various ideas of "solutions" to the perceived problem--testing children early, and sending them to special schools, laws limiting the civil rights of brilliants. In response, some brilliants have become activists, some terrorists. That's where the DAR comes in--they're a government agency that is charged with taking down violent brilliants, by any means necessary. We follow agent Nick Cooper, a brilliant himself, working for the agency because he believes it is making the world a better place, telling himself that the killing is worth for the future of his children. When he proposes a plan to seem to go rogue in order to bring down a notorious brilliant terrorist, he finds out that he has never had the whole truth. Agent Cooper goes down the rabbit hole, and it's a wild ride. Fast paced, for fans of thrillers, science fiction with a bit of mystery, conspiracy novels. My only disappointment with this books was on the last page where it said "end of book one"--the story ends, but now I can't wait for the next one!

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