by Michelle Cooper

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Princess Sophie Fitzosborne lives in a crumbling castle on the isolated island kingdom of Montmaray. It's not much of a kingdom anymore, there are less than a dozen villagers living on the island and then the royal family itself - headed by Sophie's uncle, who's nearly mad. As political tensions worsen in Europe, Montmaray is struggling even to survive as a kingdom. When Nazis arrive on the island to look for a clue to the Holy Grail, all of the problems on the island come to a head. Sophie just wants to be a regular teenage girl and go to dances and meet some boys - to get off the island and go to England - but the realities of a world descending into war soon quash romantic sensibilities. This novel is a mix of historical fiction, adventure, and a sweet coming of age story, all with a streak of silliness running through it.

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