by Lene Kaaberbøl

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Fans of Nordic crime will enjoy the spare prose and tight plotline from this series debut featuring Nina Borg, Danish do-gooder, Red Cross nurse and mother.  The novel opens with an old friend asking Nina to pick up a suitcase from a storage locker in the train station.  In it she finds a drugged and naked 3-year-old boy.  Meanwhile, a single mother in Lithuania is frantic to find her son, who was taken from her after she was knocked unconscious.  While Nina's exasperated and worried husband waits for her to come home, she doggedly pursues the truth about the boy.  Although some of the action takes place in the seamy parts of Denmark and there is some violence, it's not nearly as stark and unpleasant as the Stieg Larsson books.  In fact, the end is both surprising and satisfying. 


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