by Rebecca Makkai

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I liked this book, I liked this book a lot, but there were some problems. Biggest issue I had was the fact that the main character is NOT a librarian even though she repeatedly calls herself one. Now this isn't a distinction that would bother most people since most people think anyone working in a library is a librarian but that's not true. Anyway! ; ~}

In the Borrower we meet Lucy Hull a second generation Russian immigrant who works in the Children's section at the Hannibal Public Library. Lucy (who is not really a people person) has a favorite patron, a young boy named Ian. They begin their friendship when Ian asks Lucy to hide a book that he had been reading when his mother shows up, this small rebellion leads to something more. Lucy begins to worry about Ian when she hears his parents have him going to a camp run by a notable "pray the gay away" pastor. Long story short Lucy and Ian kidnap each other and go on a long and strange journey.

This sweet story covers a lot of ground and at the end I found myself laughing and crying (but just a little bit). Go Lucy, Go Ian!




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