by Kathryn Mackel

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While you might think this book is all about steroid use in sports (yes, the issue does come up), it wasn't the main focus. Boost is a portrait of a girl who is passionate about sports and is willing to work hard to meet her goals. Savvy and her family have just moved from their huge NM compound to a few rooms at her aunt's farm in Rhode Island. Her dad used to be a pro golfer, but now he's injured. Dad is back in school and Mom is working to support the family. Callie, Savvy's older sister, is as committed to cheerleading and Savvy is to basketball. Savvy is only in the 8th grade, but she tries out for the 18 & under summer league team with the encouragement of her instant new best friend Gonzo. They both make the team, the youngest ones, and vow to work hard so that they don't get pushed around by the older girls. Savvy takes home drill homework from the coach and trains herself to use her left hand as well as her right. She gets stronger doing farm chores. Eventually her teammates learn to respect her skills. Savvy's love of all things basketball is total, and she has a great voice. She's learning to be in a new place and relying on the only thing she knows, sports, while also having to deal with her family's financial issues, working on the farm, and her sister. The basketball action is well written and fast-paced. A good book for any girl who's got game.

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