by Cristina Henríquez

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   I had seen this title on various lists and I felt that I simply had to tackle it soon.  Most stories of immigrants from Mexico often feature the crushing poverty or rampant violence that motivated them to leave. The Rivera family however had a contented life there but left due to an injury suffered by their cherished daughter Marisol. They made the agonizing decision to come to Delaware where Arturo is hired by a mushroom plant, a job that is radically different to the construction job he did before. The apartment complex is home to other Latin Americans and the Riveras befriend the Toros whose son Mayor falls instantly for the beautiful Marisol.   There are other characters in the novel also whose stories are equally as intriguing but what Henriquez does well is show the longing that immigrants feel for home even when life is comfortable and safe here in the United States. It is a cliche but there truly is no place like home.  I highly recommend this book, Henriquez is a brilliant writer who is destined for great things.


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