by Cristina Henraiquez

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Arturo and Alma had a peaceful life in Mexico until their teenaged daughter, Maribel, suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Stricken with grief and afraid for her future, the family decides to immigrate to the United states, with the hopes of enrolling Maribel in a special school. However, once they reach the United States, they face many challenges: navigating the unfamiliar community, facing blank stares or open hostility when they speak in Spanish, and suffering terrible working conditions.  For Maribel, the change is less jarring: she meets a neighbor boy and they fall innocently in love: a fact that pleases neither of their parents.

Maribel's family isn't the only one with a story in this book: each chapter is titled with the name of another immigrant from Latin America, so that the overall effect is a choir of voices, singing the immigration story.  Cristina Henraiquez gives us a compassionate, compelling narrative of the unlikely resilience of hope, and the importance of community in all of our lives.  This awesome book is on order with the Denver Public Libraries, so place your holds today! 

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