by Samantha Shannon

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Paige is a gifted clairvoyant living in a future London where clairvoyants are hunted down and executed.  Seeking a way to protect herself she joined a criminal gang who become her teachers, co-conspirators, and de facto family.  She is captured, surprised not to be killed but instead shipped off with many other prisoners to a secret, isolated detention center located in the old Oxford University buildings. She finds out that this penal colony is run by creatures from another world determined to train and use the clairvoyants as a defense against horrible, violent monsters making their way into the world through the same "rips" that allowed in her jailers.
I really liked Paige - she is a strong, independent, self-confident young woman.  There is a hint of Steampunk flavor, just a wave of the Steampunk brush, that may appeal to Steampunk fans.  I felt this story is more action than substance, and there is plenty of action.  It is a weird mix of historical elements and fantasy, though some of the historical background seemed a bit mixed up, especially regarding King Edward VII.  Hopefully this will just encourage readers, like me, to research a little deeper into the historical characters and time periods referenced in this book (one of the reasons I am a big historical fiction fan).  The Bone Season caught my attention enough that I wanted to find out what happens next, but I also felt that it was somewhat convoluted and tended to meander around, with an unduly complicated layout and threads left hanging or not fully followed or fleshed out.  This novel is the first in a planned series of seven novels, so this may have been necessary in order to have a strong structure built even if it is not fully explored in this book.  All in all, despite some of the inconsistencies, I did enjoy reading this and it kept me turning pages.

BTW - Andy Serkis of Lord of the Rings fame already has plans to bring this series to film.

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