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Much of the hype around this French film is due to the "first time" sex scene between the two young lovers, Adèle and Emma. When I screened the film at the Mayan, the majority of the audience was over 50 and women. Surprisingly, during the sex scene, there was laughter from this group! I don't know if it had been awhile since some of those positions had been attempted or maybe people felt uncomfortable with the realness and voracious intensity. Truly the more remarkable achievement is the film's portrayal of the real and raw experience of coming out to oneself, falling in love, and sustaining a relationship.  The film is adapted from a graphic novel of the same title, and the director and actors deserve much praise for their accomplishment. The first half of the film is like an after school special my friends and I wish we'd seen back in the day; the awakening sexuality is palatable and terrifying at the same time.  The second half portrays life's collateral damage and choices. Get on the hold list for the library copy and view it with friends because you'll want to talk about this one! I don't wish to give anything away but I am team Adèle all the way.

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