by Simon Brett

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Blotto and Twinks are siblings in a wealthy, snobby British family.  The names, just one of the many ridiculous (but in a good way) elements of this story, are not their real names - it is de rigeur for aristocratic youths to have meaningless, absurd nicknames in this pre-WWII setting.  Although as much as Blotto claims that his name is not due to any kind of drinking problem, and that he really doesn't drink much at all, he seemed to pound quite a few in the time period covered during this book...  He and his stunningly bright and beautiful sister team up to solve the mystery of first a murder and then a kidnapping.  Blotto is charming, somewhat dim (well, OK, downright stupid), exceptionally handsome, and uber-nationalistic.  The whole story is ridiculous (again, in a good way), filled with silly characters, improbable and ludicrous inputs and outcomes, caricatures of thoughtless and supercilious aristocrats, and a profound belief that cricket can save the world.  This may appeal to all you P. G. Wodehouse fans out there!

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