by Rudolfo A Anaya

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I've been reading this book every summer since I was 15. Bless Me, Ultima follows Antonio from his mother's skirts to school and everywhere between. Antonio is an inquisitive young boy whose fortune (read at birth) predicts that he will become a man of great learning, but at a price. We see how the hopes of his family both burden and inspire him, and how his appreciation for the nuances of life change him. Along with being one of those nice affirmative books that inspire you to become a better person, following Antonio around is hilarious. He has a penchant for making observations that adults might not want to hear, and you get to see what happens at school when the teacher isn't looking.


Bless Me, Ultima is a classic book. Culture is a big part of it, and you can relate to the stories of the family and of the young child.

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