by Scott O'Dell

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Bright Dawn, an Eskimo teen, lives happily with her parents and dogs in a remote Alaskan sea village. Bright Dawn's father Bartok treats her like a son. While the other village women stay home, Bright Dawn drives the dog sled and hunts bearded seals on the ice with Bartok. Then Bartok is recruited to race in the Iditarod, the famous Alaskan dog sled race that runs over 1,150 miles from Anchorage to Nome. Bright Dawn helps her father and the dogs train for the race until Bartok is injured. Then Bartok insists that Bright Dawn take his place in the Iditarod and she agrees. When Bright Dawn begins the race, she accepts advice and help from an experienced musher named Oteg. Bright Dawn and her dogs, lead by Black Star, bravely face many threats including moose attacks and below freezing snow blizzards. As Bright Dawn continues the race, she learns that she must depend upon her own mind, her dogs, and especially Black Star in order to survive. (Recommended for families, Book on CD.)

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