by 1961- Arnaldur Indriðason

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Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is the setting for Insp. Sigurdur Óle’s handling of a murder inquiry that connects all too closely with his own network of friends. Typically, Indridason writes of Inspector Erlendur, but he is off on vacation and Óle handles the role of protagonist providing a sour and slightly more conservative slant.  Suffering from mishandling his own divorce and somewhat browbeaten by his mother, Óle is not exactly a sympathetic character, but his ethics are untouched in his own mind giving some strength to the portrayal. A particularly sociopathic character and subplot provide a thread that underscores  the privileged greed behind the main case. The unethical and mishandling of banking that led up to Iceland’s financial collapse is part of what Óle uncovers and the details are fascinating.  For fans of the series, this is a sideline that is not required, but for newcomers it’s a quick introduction to the bleak worldview that pervades and colors Indidason’s skie

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