by David Carnoy

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Rick Forman recently got out of prison.  He’s been away for seven years, serving time for vehicular homicide.  He always claimed he wasn’t the one driving.  He says his best friend, Mark MacGregor, was behind the wheel.  While Rick was in prison, Mark married the woman who had been Rick’s fiancée.  When Mark MacGregor’s body is found brutally murdered, Rick is a prime suspect.

Rick Forman is an interesting guy.  He works two jobs.  He’s a Sinatra impersonator at night and during the day he works for the Exoneration Foundation, an organization that helps the wrongly accused.  His job at the Exoneration Foundation puts him in contact with some people who are very helpful in his current situation.

The story is set in Silicon Valley which gives it an interesting location and adds the element of high-tech business.

This is a book with lots of twists and turns.  The story gets complicated but the themes are straightforward.  Betrayal, dishonesty and greed are all important elements in the story.

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