by Erick Setiawan

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Reminiscent of Garcia Marquez, a good read though at times it can be trying to get through. Meridia, Ravenna and Gabriel are a lonesome family divided by an act of rage and passion many years ago. They are all haunted by that night, a flash a scream and then nothing- at least not for Meridia. She lives her life torn between a mad (as in insane) mother and a cold abusive father. Until she meets Hannah and discovers the world that is all around her. Then years later in the same place she discovers Daniel,  in Daniel she finds her perfect other half, and the mother she's always dreamed about: Eva, strong, confident, effusive, though alternatively she is vindictive and abusive, a perfectly evil mother-in-law. The stories of these three women Meridia, Ravenna and Eva twist and turn and writhe against each other coming to a strange yet ultimately happy ending...

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