by Luis Alberto Urrea

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I listened to this book on a recent road trip, and fell in love with the characters, the descriptions, the quest. Nayeli, a young woman from the Mexican village of Tres Camarones, and her friends have realized that there are almost no men left in their town, they have all gone north, to the U.S. Inspired by a local showing of The Magnificent Seven, Nayeli and 3 friends are determined to cross the border and bring some men back--both to save the town from the banditos who threaten to overtake it, and to ensure that the town will continue. Nayeli even hopes to find her long gone father. The road trip descriptions are vivid (you will recognize scenes from driving I-70 through Colorado and Kansas--with a stop off in Estes Park), their encounters are both hilarious and heartbreaking, and there are even moments of great tension. A joy of a book.


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