by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

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Gabe's life centers around music. He uses it to express himself and to escape from the world in which he was born Elizabeth. High school is almost over for Gabe, and he looks forward to moving to a place where no one knew him as Liz and he can be Gabe all the time, not just on his community radio show, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children. It won't be easy. Gabe needs to contend with his crush on his best friend, Paige, parents who don't want to let go of their daughter & embrace their son, and guys from school who react with threats when they find out who Gabe really is. Gabe's neighbor & music/radio mentor John gives him support, and his radio show listeners, the Ugly Children Brigade, show Gabe that there are possibilities in the world. There may not be tidy endings, but this book shows that there can be hope for transgender teens.

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Oh man, I just finished this yesterday night and it was awesome! It's a great book for old school music nerds.

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