by Jamie McGuire

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I have never been very interested in romance novels, but Beautiful Disaster kept my attention the entire time I was reading it.  This book was incredibly hard to put down, and it is a good, easy read.  Abby has gone to Eastern University for school with her best friend America.  She hopes to put aside her past and start fresh, but then she meets Travis Maddox.  Travis is the notorious champion of the Circle, a group which irregularly meets and holds a fight between two people.  He is also trouble when it comes to girls.  Abby refuses to fall for his good looks or bad boy reputation, but Travis is immediately attracted to her.  What follows is a friendship which quickly evolves into something more.  It begins with a bet that will determine whether Abby lives with Travis for a month, or Travis will abstain from hookups for a month.  Will Abby become involved with Travis, or will they just be friends?  Is Abby's past catching up with her?  This is an addictive book about college, gambling, and love.  

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