by Kami Garcia

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This is book one of the series. I will be honest and say that I only decided to read it because there was a movie being made based on the book. As far as the book goes, I really enjoyed it. It was written from a male point of view, which was done really well. I am used to reading Young Adult books from a female perspective. I am looking forward to read the other books in the series. I also enjoyed the connection to the history (the Civil War) to the area (South Carolina). The characters are well developed, they almost seem real because there are real flaws and emotions that are presented in this book. 

This a good read if you like the paranormal or supernatural fiction. There are few surprises in the book, which I won't give away. Also, this a good start to a series because it has a lot of background information and foreshadowing of what is to come.  And the hints that are dropped, kept me wanting to know more about the characters and their family history. 

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