by Rick Kirkman

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Baby Blues is a good comic strip. It consistently delivers quality jokes on a daily basis. Its characters are engaging, sympathetic, and pretty funny. From time to time, it even pushes the boundaries of the strip format; particularly in its Sunday strips where the creators experiment with form and content in innovative and unexpected ways.

Baby Blues is a good comic strip. But if you are a parent, it's a GREAT comic strip. Because you will relate to the characters' struggles, making the jokes all the more funny. And you will be comforted by knowing that other people have it as bad (or maybe even worse) than you do. Raising kids is not easy. You have to have a sense of humor about it. Baby Blues is there for you.

And with the new, deluxe 20th anniversary BBXX edition you get to see the best of Baby Blues with running commentary from the creators that makes it all the more rich a reading experience. 

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