by Scott Snyder

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Batman: The Black Mirror is a storyline bound together in one collection, encompassing 11 individual comic books. This storyline features Dick Grayson as Batman (not Bruce Wayne), written by Scott Snyder with illustrations by Jock and Francesco Francavilla.

This storyline follows Grayson, formally Robin, along several villain hunts. The first is a hunt for a mysterious auctioneer, The Dealer, who sells contraband and grotesque items (murder weapons, for example) to Gotham City's nefarious elite. Although Grayson escapes the secret auction alive without apprehending The Dealer, the slummier Gotham City continues to throw more and more trouble towards the new Batman.

The Black Mirror has beautiful (yet at times repulsive) drawings and imagery. The writing is easy to understand, though the content is best suited for adults and mature teens. If you're new to the Batman comics, try starting earlier in the series (The Black Mirror stars at at Detective Comics #871).

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