by Tracy Letts

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There is some heavy, heavy business going on in this play.  Even from the opening scene, I found myself thinking about the characters and the situations long after I finished reading.  I chose to read the majority of the play in one sitting so that I could imagine it as if I were watching the story unfold live.

Tracy Letts, who won the Pulitzer Prize for this play, paints a bleak picture of life on the Oklahoma plains, reminiscent of the world created in Grapes of Wrath, in a more modern setting. Turbulent family problems, secrets, and broken trust form the framework of this story, and, as one might assume, the ending is not a happy one.

The characters are visceral and memorable, and some of the content made me cringe as I read it. The story was beautifully well-crafted and thought-provoking, and I applaud Letts for that. I did not enjoy reading the play as much as I had hoped because of its themes and darker content. I do, however, think that it is an important story to tell.

**There is significant adult language and content in this play.

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