by Robin Benway

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Have you ever listened to the radio and heard some guy singing about some girl who hurt him? Well, this is the girl's side of the story. Audrey was dating Evan, who is in a band called the Do-Gooders. When they break up, Evan is inspired to write Audrey, Wait!, aka The Song, which changes Audrey's life forever. At first she thought they'd just play it at one live show in their small town, but then suddenly radio stations across the country have picked it up, the Do-Gooders are touring in Japan, and MTV is premiering their video. Audrey never wanted to be famous, but now she has people discussing her life on internet message boards and following her around with cameras. Singers from other bands want to date her, just for song inspiration. Audrey needs to learn to start making her own choices, and with the help of her best friend Victoria and that guy she works with at the Scooper Dooper, James (why did she never notice him before?), she just might make it through her more than 15 minutes of fame.

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