by Rainbow Rowell

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Before Rainbow Rowell hit it big with the teen romance Eleanor and Park, she published a book for adults, Attachments. This is a sweet, humorous love story, told through the eyes of Liincoln, computer security specialist at the local newspaper.  This means he has to read flagged emails. He starts getting attached to the emails between Jennifer and Beth--Jennifer talking about her marriage & baby possibilities, Beth offering advice and sharing her own woes--an inattentive boyfriend, being in her sister's wedding. As Lincoln falls for Beth (sight unseen!), he also realizes that he shouldn't be eavesdropping on her life like this--even if it IS his job. Then Beth starts talking about The Cute Guy...who just might be Lincoln. The characters were well rounded, the 1999/2000 setting was fun (Y2K looms as a potential issue for Lincoln), and the alternating chapters between the actual emails and Lincoln's life--and the things he's trying to do to GET a life--like meet new people and possibly leave his mom's house--made this a quick read, and quite charming. Read it if you like love stories that are all about the anticipation or want to give "chick lit" a try.

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