by Rainbow Rowell

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Lincoln O’Neill isn’t necessarily happy with his life. It’s been several years since college and he is back living at home (though his mom makes delicious food) and working a job he isn’t so proud of, dreaming of his lost college love. Lincoln works as an “internet security officer” for a newspaper which basically means Lincoln has to sit in a basement and read other people’s emails, looking for unacceptable behavior. When he stumbles across Beth and Jennifer’s emails, he can’t help but develop a fondness for the two women. As he continues to read their emails Lincoln learns a lot of things and develops deep feelings for one of the women. How can he be with his dream girl if she doesn’t even know he exists? Will he finally be able to move out of his mom’s house and move on with his life? This is a fun and quirky romantic comedy that lovers of easy breezy escapist fiction will be sure to enjoy.


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