by Simon Doonan

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Simon Doonan, author, fashion commentator, and creative ambassador for Barneys New York shares his insider stories in his new book, The asylum : a collage of couture reminiscences ...and hysteria.  He delivers his entertaining and edifying real-life essays in his signature witty bon mots style.  It appears he has taken the advice of the empress of fashion, Diane Vreeland, and added a tiny element of bad taste to spice up things.
His book is a bit of a who’s who of the fashion world.  Find the identities behind these monikers:  DV, Brenda, Lady Mellen, Sir H, La Wintour, Fluit Klunch, and Betty Windsor.
His book is also part fashion vocabulary lesson.  Learn new words like:  tidgy-widgy, freudenschade, sleazetique, szhooshy, iconette, shekeltastic, and faux-hemian.
But mostly it’s the extraordinarily funny memoirs of a man mad for the fashion industry; a man who loves every insanely outrageous and verklempt moment of it.

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