by Madeleine Roux

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If you are looking for a creepy story to read on a dark and stormy night, Asylum is a great pick.  Dan arrives to his elite college prep summer academy only to find that the regular dormitory has been closed for repair, and students are being housed in a former asylum instead.  Complete with heavy doors and sealed off rooms, the place appears made for a horror film.  This is why Dan, and his friends Abby and Jordan, refuse to take the gloomy atmosphere too seriously.

Until they find a box of disturbing photos locked in a secret basement room, that is.  Because once Dan and his friends find photos of the former patients of the asylum, they begin to be haunted by mysterious dreams that match perfectly to the stories in the old patient files.  Add this to notes that begin appearing in the old Asylum Warden's handwriting, a local legend that the asylum's most notorious patient mysteriously escaped, and students being murdered during the night, and you have the recipe for a perfect ghostly horror story just in time for Halloween.

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