by Helen Ketteman

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I love reading a good tall tale about why things are the way they are today. This story was a pleasant addition to the repertoire of tales that I've encountered, and it is one that I'm looking forward to sharing with children in storytime!

In the Wild West, armadillos, rattlesnakes, turtles, and egrets abound, but would you ever have guessed that armadillos used to have extra large ears? Ears with which they could hear everything (and then gossip about what they heard)? Well, according to this story, that is how things used to be. But, after hurting his friends one too many times, Armadillo got his comeuppance in the form of smaller ears. However, this change permitted him to run fast and to rebuild his it wasn't all bad!

The illustrations in this story are lovely and the story has a strong message for its readers. Always telling the truth and not gossiping are themes throughout, and it's easier for children to learn those concepts from the mouths of animals, sometimes, than from grownups.

I would highly recommend this book to elementary aged readers who want to learn more about the animals in the western part of the United States!

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