by Nora Raleigh Baskin

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Jason Blake is 12, and autistic. He knows enough about NTs (that's neurotypicals) to know that he doesn't quite fit in, and to worry about it, but sometimes he just can't help himself, like when it feels like his hair is on fire, or when standing on the grass hurts. His mom and dad try hard to understand, but it seems like mom just wants him to be a little more like everyone else. When people talk, Jason listens, but you might not be able to tell, because he doesn't look you in the eye. Jason escapes from days when something always seems to go wrong at some point by writing original stories and posting them to an online story site. No one there knows what he looks or acts like, they just know his writing, which he gets many compliments on. Jason is particularly excited by the positive feedback from PhoenixBird, who is a GIRL (her real name is Rebecca). As long as Rebecca never meets Jason, everything will be fine. But then Jason's parents surprise him with a trip to a story writing conference, one where Rebecca will be, too. Get inside Jason's head as he tries to find his place in the world and learn more about relating to everyone in his life, as well as what it means to be yourself.

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