by Dana Goodyear

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If you consider yourself an adventurous diner, or even a “foodie,” I doubt you have tasted escamoles, fried ant larvae. Dana Goodyear examines the new American curiosity of dining on the unknown, the living, and the endangered. In some of our largest cities across American, there is an underground movement of people who seek to try such dishes as maggot ceviche, shark fin soup, marinated shark,  or even cannabis infused butter. Eating insects might make the average Joe squeamish, but it is a fact that 80 percent of the world’s population dines willingly on grasshoppers, ants, beetles and much more. Dana Goodyear challenges the reader to remain open-minded as she is, however many times throughout the book you can feel her apprehension of trying many of the dishes offered to her. The book also examines the many trends in health as the reader learns of drinking raw milk and the many passionate consumers who swear by the benefits vs. drinking ordinary milk that is mass produced.  This is an excellent examination of the curiosity of new cuisines as well as examining the potential health benefits and risks.

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