by Jeff VanderMeer

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Four women are on the twelfth expedition to Area X, which has been cut off from the world for years. Previous expeditions have all ended badly, if the people returned at all. Annihilation is the journal of the biologist for this expedition (she joins a psychologist, a surveyor, and an anthropologist, all unnamed). The senses of isolation, creepiness, and tension mount as the group finds things that weren't on the map, encounters strange creatures, and come to realize that maybe they weren't given complete information about their mission and destination. The biologist intersperses her observations with her own history, which reveals her motivations for volunteering to go to Area X. Atmospheric writing that sometimes felt like a fevered dream, this book leaves many questions unanswered, and is the start of a trilogy. Thankfully, the other volumes will be published the same year, Authority is already on order and Acceptance is coming in the fall. Try this one if you don't mind some uncertainty and tension.

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