by Jimmy Palmiotti

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Pure fun, folks-that's what this new comic should be read for.  The Ame-Comi Girls series is based off a set of DC Comics anime figurines, and the story is simple: in this universe, only the ladies have superpowers! Join Power Girl, Steel, Batgirl, and more as they struggle agains the forces of darkness: Duela Dent, Harley Quinn, and assorted minions.  The only guys in the book are supporting characters. I love the twist!

When I picked this up off the New Books shelf, I was excited and hoping for a feminist supercomic, full of powerful women and storylines that celebrate them.   What I found was fun and exciting, absolutely!  However, it fell somewhat short of being a feminist triumph, due to the semi-nude superheroines. Who wreaks world havoc wearing a steampunk corset and garter belt?  Still, this was immensely entertaining and I loved the concept.  

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