by Carolyn MacCullough

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Life is merely a series of choices. It's unfortunate that some of the decisions Tamsin Greene has made so far could jeopardize the very existence of her family, the entire Greene lineage.  The story that began in Once a Witch is continued in Always a Witch.  As Tamsin trails Alistair Knight back through time, she discovers the dark secrets surrounding his ancestry and her own.  But, as the personal maid of the young Miss Knight, she comes to realize not everyone in the house possesses the family's cruel thread weaving it's way through their tapestry.  She faces a series of challenges as she befriends some in the Knight household, tries to convince her own ancestors of the truth in her mission, and finds herself missing Gabriel so much that it leaves her aching inside.  Tamsin will have to face fears and hidden truths about her distant relatives as she figures out how she can save her family from extinction and Gabriel before it's too late for them all.

This is a fast-paced novel, set in multiple time periods and Carolyn MacCullough does an admirable job keeping the reader grounded in both setting and story wherever they may be.  As it was before, the dialog between Tamsin and Gabriel is on the mark.  It's intelligent, funny, and stirs the reader into remembering those clever flirtations they may have experienced in their own lives (or wish they had).  The story is both family and individual centered as our heroin grows into the young woman she is meant to be.  I very much enjoyed this conclusion to the adventures of Tamsin the witch.

There are a few items throughout, stories in themselves, that are not as fleshed out as I would have liked.  They seem to be significant enough to mention, but weren't developed fully which left me feeling a little rushed or questioning.  This still won't stop me from looking for other books by this author. Hannah Friedman has such a great feel for Tamsin and again, gives voice to this character-driven story.

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