by Veronica Roth

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This last installment of the Divergent series was unrelenting.  Roth paints a beautiful and visceral world with only her words, and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the story.  Roth has done an incredible job of creating characters with whom we can relate and fall in love--and she keeps us rooting for them despite (or perhaps because of) their flawed natures.

This story picks up right where the second book leaves off, so make sure to catch up on that story (either by reading it again or checking out the Wikipedia page) before starting this one if it's been a while.  It is written from both Tris's and Four's perspectives, and I really enjoyed that aspect of it.  I felt that I didn't get to know much about Four's thoughts in the first two books, and I really appreciated having that opportunity in this story.  Many of the characters are elaborated upon from previous installments, and we meet new characters, as well.  The world has become an even more challenging place, and it is up to Tris and Four to figure out a way to right it again.

I read this novel on my iPhone (because I couldn't wait to get a copy from the library), and was impressed by the ease with which I could read it.  Although it didn't have the heft of the real book, reading the e-book allowed me to pick it up no matter where I happened to be and I didn't have to carry a heavy book everywhere I went.  Turning the pages this way almost felt real with the swipe, so overall it felt as close to reading a real book as an electronic book could get.

This is one of my most favorite dystopic teen fiction series--I can't wait to see it on the big screen!


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