by Julie Berry

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Judith is shunned in her closed, religious community, even by her mother. She doesn’t talk after she was kidnapped and had her tongue cut out. Where was she for two years and what unspeakable things were done to her? Now she’s tainted. Her best friend disappeared at the same time and was found murdered soon afterwards. What did Judith see and is her silence the only thing protecting her?  She follows her childhood friend Lucas around and is love with him although he is engaged to someone else. When the community is attacked by outsiders, Judith has to reveal some of her secrets to save everyone.  Judith soon realizes she may have to regain her voice if she wants to save herself and Lucas from the suspicious villagers. Set in unspecified time, the village is reminiscent of Puritan colonies where witches were burned at the stake. The historical romantic murder mystery is full of lyrical language and will keep readers absorbed as memorable Judith slowly reveals her secrets.

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