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Do you know about the Storycorps project?  It's an oral history recording project with NPR-basically, people with interesting life stories sit down and tell them.  The stories are recorded and broadcasted during NPR's Morning Edition, and some of them have been compiled into books.  

I choose the collection of love stories for my final book in the Staff Reading Challenge.  I decided to listen to the audiobook version of the book because of the way it was created-these stories were meant to be heard, rather than read.

This short audiobook covers all the aspects of love and all stages of life.  There are newlyweds, wartime lovers, long-distance couples, gay and straight alike.  Each story is told in the speaker's own words, and so you can really feel the emotion.  I found myself choking up at some (ok, most-but I'm a softie) of the stories.  They're funny, heart-rending, sweet, and will resonate with anyone who has ever loved or been loved.


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