by Alessandro Ferrari

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I decided to read this version as I am a fan of Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. I would give this five stars as it's a very good comic adaptation of the movie, but the artwork is haphazard and sloppy. Again I am a fan of Tim Burton's artwork, but the artists used in the books style is rather uncomfortable to look at after some time. The text is taken straight from the movie so there are no surprises, although I felt like some scenes were cut short as not ever scene could be put into graphic novel form.

The book follows Alice through her journey and adventures in Wonderland. As she faces real worries, like marriage proposals, how to behave according to society and so on, and the fantasy worries of Wonderland, avoiding capture by the Red Queen and defeating the famous Jabberwocky. As she works her way through Wonderland, she finds herself discovering her true self.

I would suggest watching the movie before reading the graphic novel just to fill in the holes.

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